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Head of Affordable Housing in Santa Monica Leaving with Dire Predictions from Les and Elaine

The head of Santa Monica’s largest affordable-housing organization is leaving after five years for a similar post in Hollywood. The good news for her is it will lessen the weekday commute from Pasadena for Sarah Letts, executive director of the Community Corporation of Santa Monica. The bad news is the bleak picture of affordable housing […]

Supreme Court OKs California’s use of ‘unclaimed’ cash from Les and Elaine

California’s system of seizing and spending “unclaimed” cash from banks, mutual funds and defunct businesses has survived a Supreme Court challenge. The state says it is now holding $8 billion in lost assets. And from this fund, it takes about $450 million a year to add to the state budget. After considering an appeal for […]

Eviction system ‘allows itself to be gamed,’ frustrating landlords from Les and Elaine

Craig Miller is chief executive of a Los Angeles office-leasing firm. He’s also a landlord, with seven houses for rent around the region. As Miller tells it, the tenants at one of his properties, a house in Calabasas that rents for $5,225 a month, stopped making payments last summer. Miller began eviction proceedings in August. […]

Evictions Are Down by 18%; New York City Cites Increased Legal Services from Les and Elaine

Evictions in New York City dropped last year to their lowest level in a decade, as the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio bolstered efforts to prevent more New Yorkers from becoming homeless. Evictions decreased by 18 percent last year, to 21,988 from 26,857 in 2014, even as the number of cases filed by landlords […]

Overcoming job stress: Don’t discount the power of positive thinking, superstition from Les and Elaine

Moreover, federal, state and local regulations (the qualified residential mortgage is a great example) often create such high degrees of uncertainty that even the experts are uncertain about what’s coming and what real estate professionals must do in order to comply. Now couple this with the normal day-to-day stresses such as family issues, money woes […]

You’ve Just Fired Someone. Now What? from Les and Elaine

If you have employees, it is almost inevitable you will have to fire someone someday. What do you do with the rest of the workforce after you have freed up the future of an employee who was not a good fit for your company? As soon as possible, gather all the employees. Tell them that […]

You Have to Earn 172 Percent of the Median Income to Buy a Median House in Los Angeles from Les and Elaine

Trying to buy a house in Los Angeles probably feels a lot like taking crazy pills. Prices in Northeast LA are shooting up so much that median prices are now above $600,000 in the once reasonably priced area. Echo Park is now a full-on, rich-people enclave where the median is above $800,000. The staggering prices […]