Shower In Your Kitchen In This Steal of a New York City Apartment from Les and Elaine

A rent of nearly $1,800 per month may get you a house in many parts of the country — but in New York City it will get you a shower in your kitchen.

“SHOWER IN THE KITCHEN! NO JOKE” is how a New York realty agency describes the one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on its website.

The Lower East Side apartment is listed for $1,795 per month, which one of the agency’s agents says is an actual bargain, even though you will be showering where you cook.

“That’s below market for the neighborhood,” Yesim Ak of Misrahi Realty told ABC News. “Most one-bedrooms in this neighborhood go for $2,800. “

The apartment’s layout is a look into history, according to Ak, since it is laid out like the old tenement buildings that populated the neighborhood and housed immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries.

“That’s just how they’re laid out,” Ak said.

The apartment’s listing agent, Lorence Dippolito, who could not be reached, pointed out the benefit of the interesting arrangement in the apartment’s online description.

“Although the shower is in the kitchen, YES it’s in the kitchen, it has a separate room for your bed- so the kitchen/living area can easily accommodate a sofa and small table & chairs & more!,” the description reads.

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