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Home Buyers Are Scarce, So Renters Take Their Place

Homeownership was out of reach for Tishri Hyman, a single mother of two with a good job but less than stellar credit. But three years ago, she found the next best thing: a brand new house, complete with a fireplace, that she could rent.

“It was just absolutely magnificent to be able to live in a new home,” she said. “It gave me a sense of independence. It provided something for me that was probably missing.”

Ms. Hyman and her daughters moved into what had been a model home in one of the many boom-time subdivisions around Atlanta that were originally intended for first-time buyers. But now thousands of similar single-family homes are being built for tenants, rather than owners.

Around Atlanta, new five-bedroom, three-bath homes that once might have sold for a little less than $200,000 are now on offer for monthly rents of $1,300 — granite countertops and walk-in pantries included.

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“Fewer properties for sale with such remarkably low interest rates make it a great time to sell but a more difficult time to buy”