Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap | LA’s Best Neighborhoods for Food by Elaine360

It’s a fine evening in Los Angeles, and all is going according to plan. You’re firmly velcroed to your couch, staring at the Lakers-Clippers clash, monitoring your favorite sports talking-heads on twitter. But halfway into the 3rd quarter, reality strikes hard, as you realize you’re hungry, got nothing in the fridge, and are staring at 45 minutes of brutal roundtrip traffic for your closest takeout meal.

So instead of watching Kobe’s achilles tendon take on Lob City, you’ll be staring at the tailpipes of your fellow smog-suckers on the Santa Monica Freeway.

It didn’t have to be this way. The map below shows you why:

The Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap by Rentenna

Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap by Rentenna
Based on an analysis of over 2,000 restaurants offering delivery in LA, Rentenna’s Los Angeles Food Delivery Heatmap reveals — before you move into your next LA apartment — how to pick an address where delicious burritos, nachos, pizza, sushi, and dumplings fight traffic to come to you.

Yes, food delivery is a beautiful thing!

How to read the map:

  • Red indicates areas with a truly awesome selection of restaurants that deliver.
  • Green indicates areas with at least decent food delivery options.
  • Blue indicates areas where you’d better get used to the traffic or pick up some cooking skills.
  • The knife and fork icons highlight the top-rated restaurants that deliver in LA, according to reviews by LA denizens

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