Mortgage Rates Rise to 3-Week Highs by Elaine360

la-2013-p1-normalMortgage rates rose moderately today, bringing them to their highest levels since September 23rd.  Though the recent move higher has happened very gradually, it’s also been fairly determined with none of the past five sessions seeing a move lower.  Today’s incremental dose of weakness was notable in that it was finally enough to unequivocally nudge 30yr fixed best-execution back up to 4.375%, though buying down to 4.25% continues to make sense for some scenarios depending on personal preference.

Last week, we’d increasingly noted that rates had no incentive to move any lower without market participants getting their hands on the important Employment Situation Report–the most important piece of economic data each month and recently postponed due to the shutdown.  Despite the lack of motivation to move lower, rates held their ground fairly well–remaining in a new range that was distinctly separate from that which characterizes most of the July-September time frame.

At current levels, we’re beginning to blur the lines between these two zones of recent rate levels.  The outlook will remain blurry until the shutdown ends and the important economic data is flowing again.  It continues to be the case that we can’t expect a meaningful move lower without a downbeat jobs report.

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