Transforming a 420-Square-Foot Apartment Into 1,100-Square-Feet Worth of Space – by Elaine360

The founder of the environmental website might be a millionaire, but you probably wouldn’t know it when you consider the square footage of his homesteads.

A member of the tiny house movement, which appeals to various audiences for different reasons, Graham Hill has lived in a trailer, tent, boat and a 350-square-foot apartment. According to a recent profile by Fair Companies’ Kirsten Dirksen, an avid documentarian of the tiny house people who has detailed Hill’s projects before, the tech-tinkerer finished a showcase project in New York City that turned a 420-square-foot apartment into 1,100 square feet of living space.

Part of his “LifeEdited” project — a concept that Dirksten reports is one that believes “if you edit your stuff, space and even friends you can have more money, health and happiness” — the SoHo apartment was completed after a design was chosen through a crowd-sourced competition. Although tiny, the space still includes enough room for a 12-person dinner party, two overnight guests, a home office, and theater, according to Dirksen.

With all these capabilities, Hill said he feels like he’s “not sacrificing anything.”

“There’s just something about simplicity and just having less but better stuff that keeps your life … gives you more time,” Hill said.

Check it out here.

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