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Ten Best States to Retire 2012 and Golden State Population Trends

Best States to Retire In

This year’s MoneyRates.com Best States to Retire list includes some traditional warm-weather havens, such as Hawaii, California and Florida. But you may be surprised to see a few off-the-beaten-path locales in the top 10 too. For instance, have you considered South Dakota for your retirement?

While MoneyRates.com recognizes that much of what marks a good place for retirement is subjective — family and friends, cultural attractions, natural beauty — there are plenty of objective, quantifiable factors to examine too. Knowing how a state performs in certain measures is important before you choose it for your retirement, and that’s precisely what these rankings are about.

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Population change: the last thirty years

The first of the above charts tracks the annual change in California’s total population since 1980, based on data about births, deaths and immigration as revealed on the decennial U.S. Census.

The following two charts track population change in California’s ten largest counties. Coincidentally, the five largest are all located in Southern California, and the following five are all in Northern California.

State population growth is essential for a stable housing market. Brokers and agents who know which demographics are likely to move to and from California’s diverse counties will be better positioned to accommodate the needs of those groups when they arrive. To that end, both state and federal governments provide extensive information about California’s changing population.

California’s rate of population growth varies wildly from year to year as seen on the first of the above charts, but it has always increased over time. A year without growth in California is almost unheard of: according to the California Department of Finance (DOF), only three counties statewide (Plumas, Sierra and Alpine) saw their populations diminish in the first decade of the new millennium.

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